Juicing Tips

Cleaning Your Juicer

Read the next line and find out how to clean a juicer fast and effortless. The first thing to do, is read the guide’s instructions. Before you need to do anything, remember to’ll do it as the maker recommended. Learn if yes, you must do so, and if your juicer’s model isn’t for hand washing only. Have in mind, if you wash its parts in a machine, warranty will be refused. Prevent any mistakes and to be safe, do as said in the directions.

Soak the small parts. This manner all the gunk will come out easily by itself, no elbow grease desired. Usually, all the fruit deposits stay in the container. To clean it quick and simple, use an old toothbrush. This means you will have the ability to get in all those hard-to-reach places. The component, you must be most attentive with, is the mesh strainer. Make sure not to let small particles to dry in there, because they get stuck and become practically impossible to remove after.

If you have the best juicer 2014, then cleaning it will be that much easier because most of the parts should be dishwasher safe.